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“A few years ago, the LHSAGM (Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee) was in a transition period and it was apparent that we needed improved financial modeling, planning and financial management. We were able to bring Kyle in as our fractional CFO. Kyle brought a level of professionalism, understanding and talent to the finance operations of our Organization that made all the difference for our organizational management on a daily and monthly basis. Having Kyle lead our finance department has allowed us as an organization to make timely and well-crafted decisions based on financial modeling. His passion for kids, growing God’s Kingdom and focus on being disciplined, strategic and thorough in his approach to finances has made Kyle an integral piece of our Executive Team."

~ Cole Braun, CEO of The Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee

“Kyle and his team have brought a tremendous level of confidence, clarity, and detail to the financial reporting for our educational organization which has transformed our decision-making process for budgeting and fundraising. Kyle’s ability to analyze financial structures is matched with his passion for providing service that strategically positions our schools for both the present time and for successive years. He is trustworthy and genuinely seeks collaboration with his constituents to ensure success and financial stability. Kyle’s expertise and experience are a true blessing to educational ministries which often have been lacking from the professionalism and fiduciary reporting needed to both operate and flourish in today’s competitive market.”

~ Mark Bahr, Head of Schools of The Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee

"Kyle’s dedication to his work and to the people he serves is unmatched to anyone that I’ve worked with previously. He has a very thoughtful and detailed approach and has always gone above and beyond to ensure success for the organization. He targets challenges and is able to execute on changes as a strong leader. He was a trusted partner in the growing of our company and ultimate sale to a public entity."

~ Jennifer LaBud, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Opus Capital Markets Consultants, LLC

“Kyle brought financial discipline to the organization which extended beyond the Finance function to Operations, IT, HR and Business Development. He implemented a forecast philosophy and process which did not exist previously. By serving as a trusted advisor, Kyle was instrumental in navigating the details throughout the sale of the firm."

~ Doug Lackey, Principal of Mortgage Data Management Corporation


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Kyle Hanson, CPA

Founder, Fractional CFO

CFO of The Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee (serving over 1800 students) - Over twenty-five years experience in Fortune 500, public and private, small to medium size businesses.